Capacitors - Ceramic - Voltage Multipliers

A voltage multiplier circuit generates a high DC output voltage from a lower AC input voltage by means of a network of capacitors and diodes.

The voltage multiplication factor depends on how many stages are in the multiplier circuit. The typical output voltages range from 20 kV to 150 kV, but can go up to several MV for scientific laboratory applications.

The most common type of voltage multipliers is the half-wave series multiplier, also known as a Villard cascade. It is commonly used in applications such as X-ray systems, electrostatic equipment, ion implantation devices, and many others.

Vishay offers fully assembled voltage multiplier sets as well as single capacitor stacks, which customers can use to build up their own cascades. All of our voltage multiplier products are highly customizable and can be designed according to customer specifications.

Please contact us via Our design team will work with you to find the solution that fits your exact needs.

ESTAspring Connection – Product Overview
The NEW ESTAspring was designed to allow for a fast, simple connection. Most tubular power capacitors have an IP20 terminal block and screw connection. Vishay is introducing a new generation of power capacitors with this fast connection technology.