IHLP-2525AH-01 product information

IHLP® Commercial Inductors, High Saturation Series

 IHLP-2525AH-01 Datasheet


  • Lowest height (1.8 mm) in this package footprint
  • Shielded construction
  • Excellent DC/DC energy storage up to 5 MHz. Filter inductor applications up to SRF (see Standard Electrical Specifications table)

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3D Models (*.zip)
3D Models - IHLP-2525
Application Notes
Application Note - IHLP Selection Example
Application Note - IHLP Selection Example
Application Note - Overview of IHLP Manufacturing Standards
Application Note - Selecting IHLP Composite Inductors for Non-Isolated Converters Utilizing Vishay’s Application Sheet
Application Note - Using IHLPs in Automotive Applications
应用笔记 - IHLP 系列电感器用于汽车应用 Using IHLP’s in Automotive Applications
General Information
General Information - 2009 Review of Inductors
IHLP Weights - IHLP Weights
Maximum Operating Voltage - Maximum Operating Voltage for IHLP, IHLE, IHLM, IHLW, IHLD, IHCL Series
Assembly Solder Profile - Assembly Instructions
Ordering Info
Ordering Information - Inductance and Tolerance Conversion Tables for Global Part Numbers
Product Literature
Capabilities - Custom Magnetics: Custom Products for Key Applications
Instructional Guide - Inductors 101
Market Solutions - Using IHLP Inductors for Your LED Lighting Application: Selecting the Right Inductor
Selector guide - IHLP® Capabilities Matrix
Selector Guide - Surface Mount and Axial Lead Inductors
Selector Guide - Surface-Mount Chip Inductors for Commercial Applications (IMC, ILC, IFC, ISC, IMCH)
Selector Guide - Surface-Mount Power Inductors for Commercial Applications (IHLP Series)
Selector Guide - インダクタ - Surface Mount and Axial Lead Inductors
Published Articles
Published Article - Fundamentals: Inductors 101-DL-ElectronicProducts-Jul11
Reference Data
Packaging Methods - SMD Magnetics Packaging Methods
Support Tools
Infographic - IHLP Power Inductors - In a Nutshell
Infographic - IHLP® パワーインダクタ 薄型パワーインダクタ - In a Nutshell
Infographic - IHLP® 功率电感 超薄功率电感 - 快速了解
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