IHLE-2525CD-5A product information

IHLP® Automotive Inductors, High Temperature (155 °C) Series

 IHLE-2525CD-5A Datasheet


  • High temperature, up to 155 °C
  • Integrated E-Shield for maximum EMI reduction (1)
  • Excellent DC/DC energy storage up to 1 MHz to 2 MHz. Filter inductor applications up the SRF (see Standard Electrical Specifications table)

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General Information
IHLP Weights - IHLP Weights
Maximum Operating Voltage - Maximum Operating Voltage for IHLP, IHLE, IHLM, IHLW, IHLD, IHCL Series
Support Tools
Capabilities and Custom Options - IHLE - Shielded Inductors
Infographic - IHLP Power Inductors - In a Nutshell
Infographic - IHLE Shielded Inductors - High Current Inductors with Integrated E-Field Shield
Technical Notes
Technical Note - Reducing EMI With Vishay’s IHLE Power Inductor
Product Support
Technical Questions
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