Inductors - RF Inductors (Through Hole)

Vishay’s portfolio of axial/radial RF and power Inductors includes current choke, filter, commercial, miniature, subminiature, epoxy conformal-coated, and molded parts. Included are inductors that are lead (Pb)-free and RoHS –compliant.

IHLE Inductor Product Demo - Improve EMI in Your Circuit
This demonstration shows that using the IHLE, the industry's-first e-field shielded IHLP(R) power inductor, in your circuit significantly improves the output noise when compared to a standard (unshielded) inductor or the b-field shielded inductor, the IHLP(R).
This demo compares the output noise of the IHLE (e-field shielded) inductor vs. a standard (unshielded) inductor and the IHLP(R) (b-shielded) inductor in your circuit