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IR Receiver Modules for Remote Control Systems

 TSOP773.., TSOP775.. Datasheet


  • Improved immunity against HF and RF noise
  • Continuous data transmission possible
  • Low supply current

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3D Models (*.zip)
3D Models - Heimdall
Application Notes
Application Note - Introduction to IR Receiver Part Numbers
Application Note - Using Vishay Infrared Receivers in a Wi-Fi Environment
General Information
Application Overview - Application Overview
Circuit Description - Circuit Description of the IR Receiver Modules
Disturbance Sources - Disturbance Sources
General Overview - General Overview of IR Transmission in Free Ambient
Assembly Instructions - Assembly Instructions
Data Formats - Data Formats for IR Remote Control
Markings - Marking on IR Receiver Modules
Mechanical Options
F - Narrow Band Optical Filter
N - Wide Band Optical Filter
V - Low Voltage Option
Package Drawings
SMD Tape and Reel - Tape and Reel Standards for SMD IR Receiver Modules
Quality Info
Quality Information - Quality Information
Reference Data
Conventions Used - Conventions Used in Presenting Technical Data
Mechanical Design Notes - Mechanical Design Notes
Window Size - Heimdall Package - Window Size in Front of the IR Receiver Module
Technical Notes
Introduction - Introduction
Product Support
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