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1960: Semiconductor Components Division of General Instrument is founded in Hicksville, New York.

1964: General Instrument Taiwan factory is granted foreign license #1.

1976: Semiconductor Components assumes the name of Discrete Semiconductor.

1988: Discrete Semiconductor changes its name to Power Semiconductor Division.

1990: Forstmann Little acquires General Instrument Corp.

1992: General Instrument purchases GSI Ireland.

1995: General Instrument China license granted.

1997: General Instrument announces the split of its three divisions.

1997: General Semiconductor signs contract to acquire discrete business of ITT Industries, Inc.

1997: General Semiconductor becomes a publicly traded company NYSE: SEM (formerly the Power Semiconductor Division of General Instrument).

1997: General Semiconductor completes acquisition of Small Signal Business of ITT Industries, Inc.

2001: General Semiconductor is acquired by Vishay Intertechnology.

2001: General Semiconductor Inc. becomes Power Diodes Division (PDD) after being acquired by Vishay.

2001: Diodes and Transistors portion of Vishay Semiconductor GmbH (part of Vishay since its 1998 acquisition of TEMIC Semiconductor GmbH) becomes the Small-Signal Products (SSP) Division.

2001: SMF (DO-219AB) package platform, with a full range of Zener, switching diode, and ESD products, is released to the market.

2001: FSMC, the first Folded SMX product, is released to market.

2002: FSMA, the 2nd Folded SMX product, is released to market.

2002: Transzorb TVS products are released from Taipei, Taiwan factory.

2002: PDD starts to work with leading-edge foundry on Trench MOS Barrier Schottky (TMBS®) development.

2002: Patent (US 6,393,090) is granted for TMBS termination structure, followed by US 6,420,768 for further enhancement.

2003: FSMB, the 3rd Folded SMX product, is released to market.

2004: First leadless package (LLP) diodes, the LLP70 and LLP75, are introduced.

2004: The patent US 6,791,172 "Power Semiconductor Device Manufactured Using a Chip-Size Package" is granted for the eSMP® package.

2005: First TMBS product is released to market.

2005: SMP, the first eSMP® series product, is released to market.

2006: SMPC, the second eSMP series product, is released to market.

2006: Enhanced Power Bridge products are released to market under patent US 7,719,096.

2007: Development of VBUS technology with low capacitance (<1 pF).

2007: MicroSMP the third eSMP series product, is released to market.

2008: Industry-first 200 V TMBS product is published in PCIM Europe.

2008: Small Signal Products (SSP) Division, High-Power Products (HPP) Division, and Power Diodes Division (PDD) are merged to form the Diodes Division.

2009: Development of LC EMI filter technology for ESD protection products.

2010: TMBS wafer fab in Diodes Division Taipei site starts production.

2010: 45 V TMBS with industry-leading 330 million-cell per square-inch density is released to market.

2011: Full series of surface-mount avalanche diodes in SMP and SMPC packages is released to market.

2011: Introduction of CLP0603 diodes. Vishay's chip level package (CLP) for diodes allows much smaller dimensions than previously possible. CLP0603, 0.6 mm by 0.3 mm in size, is the smallest diode of its type available.