Vishay - 50-Year Timeline


1938: Sfernice is founded in Nice, France. Initially, it manufactures only wirewound resistors.

After World War II: Sfernice grows and diversifies it product lines.

1973: The Hyeres, France plant opens. It specializes in the manufacture of potentiometers and trimmers.

1988: Vishay acquires Sfernice, the leading resistor manufacturer in France. The Sfernice product portfolio includes thin film resistors, motion transducers, potentiometers and trimmers, and gages. Sfernice has one subsidiary based in France: Nicolitch, a manufacturer of printed circuit boards. It also owns three companies in the U.S.: Ultronix, Ohmtek, and Techno, with sales in product areas such as wirewound and foil resistors, thin and thick film networks, thermistors, and trimmer potentiometers

1993: The operations of the French company Sovcor, which Vishay acquired as part of its 1987 purchase of the resistor operations of Corning (which included Draloric), are merged with Vishay Sfernice.

1995: The operations of the French company GEKA, which Vishay acquired in 1984, are merged with Vishay Sfernice.

1995: Aztronic, a manufacturer of inductors and transformers that was acquired by Vishay in 1991, is merged with Vishay Sfernice.

1996: Some production is moved to the Prachatice 1 plant in the Czech Republic.

2000: The Prachatice 2 plant (Czech Republic) is opened. It produces fixed resistors.

2000: Vishay acquires Spectrol Electronics. Vishay Spectrol products complement the Vishay Sfernice transducer product line and strengthen Vishay's market position in potentiometers and trimmers.

2002: The Blatna plant (Czech Republic) is opened. It produces trimmers and position sensors.

The Vishay Sfernice facility in Nice, France.