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Passive components do not require a power supply to handle the signals that pass through them. They are used to store electrical charges, limit or resist electrical current, and help in filtering, surge suppression, measurement, timing, and tuning applications.

Resistors limit current flow. Vishay manufactures many different types of resistive products, including single (discrete) resistors based on film, wirewound, Power Metal Strip®, and other technologies, as well as resistor networks and arrays, in which multiple resistors are combined in a single package. Vishay also manufactures battery management shunts, chip fuses, pyrotechnic initiators/igniters, variable resistors (including potentiometers), and non-linear resistors (including thermistors, used for current protection and temperature sensing).
Inductors use an internal magnetic field to change alternating current (AC) phase, resist AC current, and filter out unwanted electrical signals. Vishay innovations include IHLP® power inductors, which outperform competing devices. Transformers are made up of two or more inductors on a common core of magnetic material. Transformers increase or decrease AC voltage or AC currents.

Capacitors store energy and discharge it when needed. Applications include power conversion, DC-linking, frequency conversion, bypass, decoupling, and filtering, and serving as backup energy sources. Types of capacitors manufactured by Vishay include tantalum (solid, wet, and molded polymer), ceramic (both multilayer chip and disc), film, power, heavy-current, aluminum electrolytic, and, most recently, hybrid energy storage capacitors and supercapacitors.
Semiconductors typically perform the function of switching, amplifying, rectifying, or transmitting electrical signals. Semiconductors are referred to as “active” components because they require power to function.
Metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) function as solid-state switches to control power. They enable power conversion into levels required by other components or act as load switches to turn off specific functions or power supplies in smartphones when they are not in use, thereby extending battery life. Vishay offers low-voltage TrenchFET® power MOSFETs, medium-voltage power MOSFETs, high-voltage planar MOSFETs, high-voltage superjunction MOSFETs, and automotive-grade MOSFETs.
Integrated circuits (ICs) combine the functions of multiple semiconductors and passive components on a single chip. IC products from Vishay are focused on analog signal switching and routing, power conversion, power management, and integrated smart power solutions. They are used in end products such as tablets, notebooks, and desktop computers; game consoles; smartphones; fixed telecommunications systems; and other products and systems.
Diodes are used in a wide range of electronic systems to route, regulate, and block radio frequency (RF), analog, and power signals and also to protect systems from surges or electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage, as well as provide electromagnetic interference (EMI) filtering. Rectifiers are used to convert AC into direct current (DC), a unidirectional current required for operation of many power electronic systems. For example, a bridge rectifier is used in a phone charger to change the AC voltage from a wall outlet to a specific DC voltage.
Optoelectronic components emit light, detect light, or do both. Vishay’s broad range of optoelectronic components includes infrared (IR) emitters and detectors; IR remote control receivers; optical sensors for detection; optocouplers and solid-state relays for circuit isolation; LEDs for light sources; 7-segment displays; IR data transceiver modules for wireless, two-way data transfer; and custom products.
EDN Hot 100 Product Award
Electronic Products Product of the Year Award
Selezione di Elettronica Innovation Award
OFweek LED Award
Electronic Products China Top-10 Power Product Award
EDN China Innovation Award
Delphi Automotive Pinnacle Awards for Supplier Excellence
TTI Supplier Excellence Awards: The Americas, Europe, and Asia
Flextronics Strategic Supplier Award
CEM Editors' Choice Awards
SPDEI (French Association of Distributors of Electronic Components) Award
Electronic Design Top 101 Components
EEPW Power Supply Products Award