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SiC46x microBUCK® Series

Achieve Over 75 W output power with the SiC46x buck regulator! With a 4.5 V to 60 V input voltage range, the SiC462 synchronous buck regulator enables simple, flexible, and rugged designs. The family of 2 A, 3 A, 6 A, and 10 A parts in a single package footprint enables designs that can be scaled as the user's power needs change.

Advantages Benefits
The SiC46x microBUCK family integrates a rugged controller design and benchmark MOSFETs in a compact 5 x 5 MLP package Compact, low part count design enabling high power density
Efficiencies of Up to 98% Excellent thermal performance and long term reliability
Low Quiescent current Excellent light load efficiency

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