LED Ceramic Substrates
LED Ceramic Substrates

Vishay EFI has developed a line of standard ceramic submount for high power LEDs called the LSUB family. This product line was designed to accommodate 1mm square LED die with rated powers greater than 1 W. Vishay EFI has incorporated its industry leading copper filled via technology into ceramic materials to provide a submount with low thermal resistance. The datasheet linked below defines the options available that include a wide range of materials and configurations allowing designers the freedom to select the correct performance / cost trade-off for their application.

Current high brightness LED applications depend on package thermal management to provide the best product solution. LED die performance is extremely temperature sensitive. Performance is dependent on the ability of the submount to move heat away from the LED die. LSUB ceramic submount solutions from Vishay EFI offer the best method for managing the thermal issues associated with high power LED die.

LSUB products are available on Aluminum nitride (AlN) and two grades of alumina (99.6 % and 96 %). LSUB submounts also feature two via configurations designed for either adhesive or eutectic die attach methods. The submount itself is designed to allow SMT assembly onto the carrier PCB. The LED package designer can select the configuration that meets their specific need.

If the standard LSUB products do not meet the needs of the designer, Vishay EFI can support design and development of custom products using these same thin film based technologies. Please refer to the LED Substrate Brochure thru the link below. Additionally, the links to the LED Submount Presentation and White Paper include additional technical information explaining the solutions offered by Vishay EFI.

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The LSUB series of ceramic substrates provide thermal management for high-power LEDs.
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Techincal ceramic thin-film LED substrate brochure PL0440.
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For technical questions about implementing desings with our LSUB series of substrates, or if you have custom requirements, please contact s at EFI@vishay.com


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