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Document Type Date Description Product Group Share
Literature 10/14/16 Ceramic-Based UV LEDs for Energy-Saving Replacements of mercury lamps LEDs
Literature 11/04/16 LEDs LEDs
Literature 12/12/16 LEDs for Lighting Solutions - Surface-Mount, Leaded LEDs, Displays and LED Modules LEDs
New Product 05/13/16 VLMU3510-365-130 Ceramic-Based, High-Power UV LED With Silicone Lens Delivers Exceptionally Long Lifetime in 365 nm Wavelength Range LEDs
New Product 07/15/16 VLMU1610-365-135 Mid-Power UV LED in 365 nm Wavelength Range Delivers Exceptionally Long Lifetime in Compact Package LEDs
New Product 07/19/16 VLMU5200xx and VLMU3500xx High-Power UV LEDs Now Available in 395 nm and 405 nm Wavelength Ranges LEDs
New Product 11/01/16 VLMRGB6112.. RGB LED Provides Independent Control of Red, Green, and Blue Chips for Wide Color Range LEDs

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