For instruments, switches, icon backlighting, and general and architectural lighting, Vishay offers LEDs in a variety of SMD and leaded packages. Leaded LEDs are available in 1.8 mm, 3 mm, 5 mm, and square 4-lead TELUX packages. Standard and power LEDs are offered in packages with PLCC-2/4 dimensions, while MiniLEDs feature a small 2.3 mm x 1.4 mm x 1.2 mm SMD package. The next smallest package is the 0603 in lead-frame and PCB-based versions, followed by the smallest package in the Vishay portfolio: the new 0402 series. The 1 W Little Star® features a height profile of < 1.5 mm, which is 17 % thinner than a typical PLCC6 package.

Sensors for Automotive and Industrial Applications
Introducing two new AEC-Q101-qualified surface-mount transmissive optical sensors for automotive and industrial applications. Offered in a compact 5.5 mm by 4 mm by 5.7 mm package, the Vishay Semiconductors single-channel TCPT1600X01 and dual-channel TCUT1600X01 feature an increased dome height over previous-generation devices.
TCPT1600X01 and TCUT1600X01 Sensors for Automotive and Industrial Applications


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