Milwaukee Resistor

Milwaukee Resistor has been designing and manufacturing a wide variety of standard and custom power resistors since 1944. For over 60 years our commitment to customer service, excellent quality, short lead-times and on-time delivery has allowed us to remain a leader in the highly competitive resistor market. Contact us now to experience the design flexibility and manufacturing superiority that Milwaukee Resistor is known for!

Featured Products

RD Series
  • Fixed and adjustable from 8 to 1150 watts
  • Special coatings, temperature coefficient
MCR Series
Metal Case
  • 20 to 125 watts
  • Space saving design
EDG Series
  • 400 to 1600 watts
  • Frames and enclosures readily available

  • 300 to 1200 watts
  • Frames and enclosures readily available
  • 30 to 95 watts
  • Low profile design allowing resistors to be stacked, saving additional space
Specialty Loadbanks
To build a bank, submit your specifications to us.
Grid Resistors
Limiting the current caused by a fault when a phase of a power system unintentionally goes to ground.


Dynamic Braking
Dynamic braking resistors decelerate loads and are available for use with both AC variable frequency drives and DC drive applications.
Diversion Loads, Motor Starting and Speed Control, Load Testing, Harmonic Filter, Custom Applications, etc.
Diverting excess power being generated by converting electrical energy into heat.