VS-T40HF..., VS-T70HF..., VS-T85HF..., VS-T110HF... Series product information

Power Rectifiers Diodes (T-Modules), 40 A to 110 A

 VS-T40HF..., VS-T70HF..., VS-T85HF..., VS-T110HF... Series Datasheet


  • Electrically isolated base plate
  • Types up to 1200 VRRM
  • 3500 VRMS isolating voltage

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Package Drawings
Outline Dimensions - D-55 (T-Module) Diode Standard and Fast Recovery
Product Literature
Selector Guide - Power Modules: Standard Recovery Diode, Fast Recovery Diode, Schottky, Ultrafast, Thyristor, and IGBT
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