VS-GA100TS60SFPbF product information

“Half-Bridge” IGBT INT-A-PAK, (Standard Speed IGBT), 100 A

 VS-GA100TS60SFPbF Datasheet


  • Standard speed PT IGBT technology
  • Optimized for hard switching speed
  • FRED Pt® antiparallel diodes with fast recovery

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Application Notes
Application Note - How to Design an Rg Resistor for a Vishay Trench PT IGBT
Application Note - Mounting Instructions for INT-A-PAK Modules
Package Drawings
Outline Dimensions - INT-A-PAK IGBT
Product Literature
Selector Guide - Power Modules: Standard Recovery Diode, Fast Recovery Diode, Schottky, Ultrafast, Thyristor, and IGBT
Published Articles
Article - High Power and Hybrid Vehicles Increase Demand for Load Dump Protection by Soo Man (Sweetman) Kim (, Oct 16 2008)
Reference Data
Optional Hardware - Optional Hardware
Product Support
Technical Questions
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