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Will one of our VCNL-sensors work in your application? Find out by purchasing the SensorStarterKit. The starter kit comes with the VCNL4020 sensor board, the USB connector, and all the necessary software, license and driver files needed to have you testing in no time. The starter kit is available from any Vishay distributor. If you want to try the VCNL4010, -4020X01, or -3020, just send us an e-mail to with your contact information, a brief description of the application, and the sensor board you want. We will send you the requested add-on board free of charge. 

Sensor Starter Kit


 Add-On Boards


VCNL40x0 base software, license files, and USB driver

Vishay USB Dongle



Gesture Control



VCNL4020 Gesture Demo Board Software Download
Upgrade from VCNL4000DemoKit  
VCNL4010/4020 Demo Software Download


VCNL4020 Gesture Demo Board Installation Guide  
Sensor Starter Kit Installation Guide
Sensor Starter Kit User Guide


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