ThermaSim Thermal Modeling Application

ThermaSim Thermal Simulation Tool
Vishay’s ThermaSim is a free on-line tool that designers can use to obtain detailed thermal simulations of Vishay Siliconix power MOSFETs, microBUCK® power ICs, and DrMOS products. Appropriate for any power design, ThermaSim is especially useful in high power density, high ambient temperature applications such as automotive, fixed telecom, computer servers, desktop PCs, and laptop computers.

To use ThermaSim, you must first register on the Vishay website. Click here to register or sign in to use ThermaSim .

More About ThermaSim
ThermaSim achieves simulation accuracy as a result of its extensive library of models, developed from finite element analysis techniques. In addition to specific Vishay Siliconix power MOSFETs, microBUCK power ICs, and DrMOS products, ThermaSim allows users to define all heat dissipating components in an entire electronic system. The tool can then simulate the complete thermal interaction between these components and predict how they affect the Vishay Siliconix products of interest.

Simulation results are emailed to you directly and can be downloaded into a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet. Multiple results with varying product, package, or other input data can be merged within Microsoft Excel to compare and examine trends. Thermal images are provided, and an MPEG video clip of the thermal image with transient simulation is also available. Simulations can be saved for modifications at a later date.

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