SFH620AA, SFH620AGB product information

Optocoupler, Phototransistor Output, AC Input, 5300 VRMS

 SFH620AA, SFH620AGB Datasheet


  • The SFH620AA, SFH620AGB features a high current transfer ratio, low coupling capacitance and high isolation voltage. These couplers have a GaAs infrared emitting diode emitter, which is optically coupled to a silicon planar phototransistor detector,.
  • The coupling devices are designed for signal transmission between two electrically separated circuits.
  • The couplers are end-stackable with 2.54 mm lead spacing. This version complies with IEC 60950 (DIN VDE 0805) for reinforced insulation up to an operation voltage of 400 VRMS or DC.

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3D Models (*.zip)
3D Models - DIP4-TH
Agency Certificates
BSI Certificate 7797 - Optocoupler
BSI Certificate 7798 - Optocoupler
CSA Certificate 93751 - Optocoupler
VDE Certificate 91888 - Optocoupler
Application Notes
Application Note 02 - Application Examples
Application Note 41 - Faster Switching from Standard Couplers
Application Note 42 - Optocouplers in Switching Power Supplies
Application Note 43 - Design Guidelines for Optocoupler Safety Agency Compliance
Application Note 45 - How to Use Optocoupler Normalized Curves
Application Note 48 - Optocoupler for Safe Electrical Isolation to DIN EN 60747-5-2 (VDE 0884)/DIN EN 60747-5-5 Pending
Application Note 50 - Designing Linear Amplifiers Using the IL300 Optocoupler
Application Note 53 - Optocouplers Isolate Modem Data Access Arrangement
Application Note 54 - Isolated Industrial Current Loop Using the IL300 Linear
Application Note 55 - Optoelectronic Feedback Control Techniques for Linear and Switch Mode Power Supplies
Application Note 73 - High-Speed/Logic Gate Optocoupler (SFH67XX Series)
Application Note 83 - Optocoupler Common Mode Transient Immunity (CMTI) - Theory and Practical Solutions
Frequently Asked Questions - Solid-State Relays Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
General Information
General Description - Selector Guides
Assembly Instructions - Assembly Instructions
Handling Instructions - Selector Guides
Standard Marking - Standard Marking on Optocouplers
Option Information
Option Information - Option Information
Quality Info
Quality Information - Quality Information
Reference Data
Conventions used in Presenting Technical Data - Conventions used in Presenting Technical Data
Reliability Data
Optocoupler Quality and Reliability - Optocoupler Quality and Reliability Tests
Support Tools
PCB Footprints and Schematic Symbols - SFH620A Footprint and Schematic Symbols
Tape and Reel Info
Packaging, Tape and Reel Information - Packaging, Tape and Reel Information
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