Vishay's planar transformer portfolio features low power devices (5W to 1kW) for AC/DC and DC/DC conversion, including standard gate drive transformers. These transformers are available in multiple turns ratio and surface-mount or through-hole configurations. Medium power (1 kW to 3kW) models are also available for DC/DC conversion, such as our PLA51 for switch mode power supply applications. Major advantages versus standard wound technologies inlude a low profile, compact design, very high effeciency typically above 90%, and superior thermal characteristics.

Vishay's TPL series of low power (20 W to 1 kW) hybrid planar transformers combines different conductor technologies in one planar package, and has higher power density levels than traditional wound transformers. The hybrid planar transformer series is available in surface-mount and through-hole configurations. The devices' unique design can be optimized for customer-specific switching frequencies, input and output voltages, and current levels. Standard part numbers are available "of the shelf", and customized quick-turn prototypes are available in a few days.

MTPL Hybrid Planar Transformers for Switch Mode Power Supply Applications
We cover the main features, benefits and applications. We take a look at the electrical and mechanical specifications of the product series which covers a range of output voltages from 12 V to 24 V. You can also see the results of a circuit level comparison of the two designs.
This video highlights the efficiency of the MTPL transformer vs the traditional wirewound coil design.