Power ICs - VRPower® (DrMOS) - Power Stage

The Next Generation VRPower® Power Stage, Vishay’s family of VRPower modules offers an integrated MOSFET and driver power stage with unsurpassed performance. The flagship device, SiC620R is capable of 70 A and achieves more than 95 % efficiency in a typical multiphase buck converter design. The device has several package enhancements that enable it to offer superior MOSFET dynamic performance. Combined with Vishay’s state-of-the-art Gen IV MOSFET technology, these enhancements enable 3 % better efficiency and over 50 °C lower operating temperatures compared to previous generation DrMOS devices while shrinking the footprint by 33 %.

Super 12技术时刻,SiC769 DrMOS IC
SiC769 DrMOS 6 x 6 为主流多相Vcore应用提供业界最佳的功率密度。这款集成的MOSFET和驱动器IC解决方案可输出35A电流,开关频率为300kHz至1MHz。