SiC461, SiC462, SiC463, SiC464 product information

4.5 V to 60 V Input, 2 A, 4 A, 6 A, 10 A Synchronous Buck Regulators
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Application Notes
Application Note - Generating Isolated Supplies for Industrial Applications Using the SiC462 in an Isolated Buck Topology
Calculator (*.zip)
SiC46x, SiC47x External Component Calculator - Excel Based External Component Calculator for SiC46x and SiC47x Family of microBUCK Regulators (Macros must be enabled to run the calculator)
Part Marking Information - PowerPAK MLP55, PowerPAK MLP66, PowerPAK MLP77
Package Drawings
Package Information - PowerPAK MLP55-27 Case Outline
Pad Guidelines
PAD Pattern - Recommended Land Pattern MLP55-27L
Product Literature
Did You Know - High Output Power Capability of the SIC46X Family
Infograph - SiC46x microBUCK Series, a compact buck regulator delivvering up to 75 W output power
Reel Info
Reliability Data
Silicon Technology Reliability - Accelerated Operating Life Test Result
Simulation Tools (*.zip)
SiC46X Reference Board Files - SiC46x Family Reference Board Gerber, Design, Schematic, and Bill of Materials
Support Tools
SiC461, SiC462, SiC463, SiC464 - Reference Board User’s Manual for SiC463 (3 A), SiC462 (6 A), and SiC461 (10 A) Synchronous COT Buck Regulators
Tape Info
Device Orientation - Device Orientation for PowerPAK MLP65, PowerPAK MLP55, PowerPAK MLP55 Double Cooling
Tape Information - Carrier Tape for MLP55
Product Support
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Product Video
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microBUCK SiC46x Evaluation Board Demonstration
test SiC468 product using this quick and easy evaluation board

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