T59 product information

vPolyTanTM Polymer Surface Mount Chip Capacitors, Low ESR, Leadframeless Molded Type

 T59 Datasheet


  • Ultra-low ESR
  • 100 % surge current tested
  • Molded case 7343 EIA size

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3D Models - T59
Frequently Asked Questions - Polymer Tantalum Capacitors Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Product Sheet - T59 vPolyTan™ Polymer Surface-Mount Chip Capacitors, Low ESR, Leadframeless Molded Type
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Polymer Guide - Guide for Tantalum Solid Electrolyte Chip Capacitors with Polymer Cathode
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Infographic - MAP Polymer Capacitors
Sample Board - Tantalum Capacitors - vPolyTan(TM) Family of Products
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