TEMT6000X01 product information
Ambient Light Sensor

 TEMT6000X01 Datasheet


  • Package type: surface mount
  • Package form: 1206
  • Dimensions (L x W x H in mm): 4 x 2 x 1.05

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Application Notes
Application Note - Ambient Light Sensors - Circuit and Window Design
Component Construction - Component Construction
Symbols and Terminology - Symbols and Terminology
Type Designation Code - Type Designation Code
Packaging Information
Packaging and Order Information - Packaging and Order Information
Product Literature
Product Overview - Ambient Light Sensors
Selector Guide - IR Emitters, Photo Detectors, and Optical Sensors
Tradeshow Brochure - Optical Sensors - Focus Products for Reflective, Transmissive, Ambient Light, and Integrated Proximity and Ambient Light Sensors
Quality Info
Assembly Instructions - Assembly Instructions
Reliability and Statistics Glossary - Reliability and Statistics Glossary
Reference Data
Physics and Technology - Physics and Technology
Technical Papers
Measurement Techniques - Measurement Techniques
Product Support
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