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Power Metal Strip® Resistors, Low Value (Down to 0.0003 Ohm), Surface-Mount

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  • Power Metal Strip® all-welded construction is ideal for all types of current sensing, voltage division, and pulse applications
  • Solid metal nickel-chrome, manganese-copper, or manganese-copper-tin alloy resistive element with low TCR (< 20 ppm/°C)
  • Proprietary processing technique produces extremely low resistance values, down to 0.0003 Ω

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3D Models (*.zip)
3D Models - WSLF2512
General Information
Surface Mount Soldering - Dale Resistor Division - Products Recommended for Power Metal Strip® Resistor, Thick Film Chip Resistor, and Resistor Network Styles
Product Marking - Power Metal Strip® Product Marking
Product Literature
Capabilities - Shunts, Current Shunts and Current-Sensing Resistors
Capabilities - Wirewound Resistors - Pulse Handling Capabilities
Capabilities Brochure - Power Metal Strip Resistors Optimized for Current Sensing
Fast Track - Fast Track Program for Vishay Dale Resistors
Product Overview - Power Metal Strip Resistors
Product Sheet - WSLF2512 - Power Metal Strip® Resistors, Low Value (Down to 0.0003 Ω), Surface-Mount
Selector Guide - Power Metal Strip: Surface-Mount Resistors
Tradeshow Brochure - Power Metal Strip® Resistors: Featured Products
Published Articles
Published Article - Metal Alloy Resistors Offer Robustness and Other Benefits for Current Sensing
Support Tools
Did you Know - Power Metal Strip Resistors Pulse Capability
Did you Know - WSHP2818 / WSK1216 / WSLF2512 - Guidelines for Smart Designs: Power Metal Strip Power Density
Infographic - WSL Current Sense Resistors - In a Nutshell
Infographic - WSLP Series - Current Sense Resistors, High Power, Low Resistance - In a Nutshell
Infographic - 电流检测电阻 高功率,低阻值 - 快速了解
Infographic - 電流検出抵抗器 高電流、低抵抗
Infographic - WSK1216, WSLF2512, WSHP2818 - Current Sense Resistors High Power Densits and Low Resistance - In a Nutshell
Technical Notes
Technical Note - Components and Methods for Current Measurement
Product Support
Technical Questions
Vishay engineers can answer questions about product quality, performance, and specifications.

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