CDHV product information

Thick Film Chip Dividers, High Voltage

 CDHV Datasheet


  • High voltage up to 3000 V
  • Typical resistance ratios of 250:1, 500:1, etc.; maximum resistance ratio of 800:1
  • Flow solderable

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Counterfeit Statement
Corporate Policy - Corporate Policy on Counterfeit Component Purchases
General Information
Surface Mount Soldering - Dale Resistor Division - Products Recommended for Power Metal Strip® Resistor, Thick Film Chip Resistor, and Resistor Network Styles
Lead Free
Lead-Free Family Summary Sheet - Resistor Components - Resistor and Plasma Display Lead-Free Product Family-2011
Ordering Info
General Information - Standard Electronic Decade Value Tables
Packaging Information
Surface Mount Resistor Packaging - Resistor Packaging
Product Literature
Fast Track - Fast Track Program for Vishay Dale Resistors
Flyer - Authenticity Document
Instructional Guide - Resistors 101 - Instructional Guide
Product Sheet - CDHV - High Voltage Chip Resistor Divider
Selector Guide - High Voltage Resistors
Reference Data
Solder Pad Dimensions - Solder Pads
Support Tools
Capabilities and Custom Options - CRHV, CRMV, CRMA - High Voltage Thick Film Chip Resistors
Did you Know - Thick Film Voltage Divider Networks
Product Support
Technical Questions
Vishay engineers can answer questions about product quality, performance, and specifications.

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