IHLE Product Demonstration
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IHLE Product Demonstration

A short video to demonstrate the capabilities of the new IHLE series compared to a drum inductor and IHLP. The IHLE series is a SMD power inductor with an integrated E-shield.

Super 12 for 2016: IHLD Inductors for Class D Audio Amplifier Applications

IHLD, Low Profile, High-Current Dual Inductors, Save Space and Provide Better Performance

IHLE Inductor Product Demo - Improve EMI in Your Circuit

This demo compares the output noise of the IHLE (e-field shielded) inductor vs. a standard (unshielded) inductor and the IHLP(R) (b-shielded) inductor in your circuit

Power Inductors Product Demonstration

A demonstration to show noise suppression capabilities of IHLP power inductors

Super 12 Technology Minute 5.0 - High Temperature IHLP Inductor

A one-minute overview covering features and applications for the IHLP-6767GZ-5A high temperature inductor

IWAS Receiving Coil for Wireless Charging

Demonstrating the efficiency of the IWAS receiving coil for wireless charging from Vishay Dale Inductors

IHLP® Power Inductor Saturation Current Performance Test (Product Demo)

Saturation current demonstration for IHLP® power inductors.

IHLP® Power Inductor Family Overview

This overview of the IHLP® Series presents capabilities, advantages and applications.

Super12 Technology Minute - IHLP-6767 Power Inductors

A one minute overview covering the key features and applications for the IHLP-6767 Power Inductors

Wire Bondable Passive Components

Vishay Electro-Films (Vishay EFI) offers a full range of wire bondable passive components.