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Welcome to the Vishay Test Lab. In this animation, we pit thin film, thick film, and MELF resistor technologies against each other in tests of pulse load handling capabilities and drift, and explore why Vishay’s MELF resistor is the clear winner.
This short animation provides an overview of the new RAMK060 and details some of the features, shows the dimensions of the product in detail and covers the recommended mechanical fixation method.
An overview of Vishay’s Automotive Qualified PTS AT series which are Thin Film RTDs used for temperature sensing and measurement. Learn the key features and prospective applications, in addition to an in-depth look at the technical specifications.
The benefits and applications of a thin film high power back contact resistor.
Based on an LTC2063 from Analog Devices and a PTS Vishay Platinum sensor RTD SMD, this video simulates how the LTspice XVII software helps with nominalizing and calibrating the linear output of a temperature measuring circuit.
This video demonstrates how Vishay MELF resistors are easily assembled when using the right equipment and process conditions.
Learn which properties define the pulse load capability of SMD film resistors and why our CMB 0207 carbon film MELF resistor is a pulse load champion.
Vishay demonstrates the improved RTC Performance of the WSBS 8518-35 Battery Shunt Resistor. Used in Battery Management in Automotive Applications, the WSBS8518-35 addresses the large extremes in cold and high temperatures under the hood.
Consider CDMM resistors for high voltage requirements, plus better performance and stability. Here we show how one CDMM rated at 1500V can replace multiple-component solutions that are regularly used today for voltage sense and division functions.
Learn how the RAMK060 works, what the main advantages are of this technology, and the variety of applications suitable for this product. In addition, we demonstrate the encoder working in different conditions; hot, cold and moisture.
View a demonstration showing the pulse capability of Vishay's WSHP2816 SMP High Power Shunt Resistor against a 2816 competitor device.
Learn how electronic simulation can help for the design of several PTCEL components in a rectifier circuit of a switch mode power supply.
Vishay demonstrates the advantages of direct and indirect watercooled resisters versus naturally cooled resistors. Design benefits include the elimination of parasitic temperature radiation and also reduces the size and weight of the end equipment.
Utilizing advanced ceramic NTC technology, Vishay's NTCLug Thermistors provide accurate and dependable surface temperature sensing. High sensitivity, stability and range of temperature are a few benefits for designs in a wide variety of applications.
WSHM2818/WSHP2818 Power Metal Strip® resistors provide superior thermal performance advantage through their construction design. Learn more about the specifications of these products, and we’ll demonstrate the use of our pulse capability calculator.
This video highlights the features of the VR25, VR37, VR68 High Ohmic/High Voltage Metal Glaze Resistors. We’ll take a look at the features, construction and applications, and an overview of the product range and details of the high voltage features.
This short animation provides an overview of the new RAMK040 and details some of the features, shows the dimensions of the product in detail and covers the recommended mechanical fixation method.
Solutions for the Continuum of Change
This video provides an overview of Vishay’s AC01-CS. AC03-CS and AC05-CS Fusible Safety Wirewound Resistors. Learn how the product’s special electrical parameters, fusing characteristics and design help designers more easily meet the requirements of safet
An overview of Vishay Dale Through-Hole Resistors covering the broad range of Thick Film and Axial Leaded Resistors and their characteristics. Plus a review of the High-Voltage Resistors (750V to 45000V); larger components can go up to 125000V or higher.
In this video we take an in-depth look at the three main features of Vishay’s ultra-precision thin film chip resistors. The TNPU Series features long-term stability, superior moisture resistance and superior sulfur resistance making it ideal for high reli
This video introduces a new product board which showcases the variety of the Vishay Dale Thin Film products. The board has been designed with the idea of simplifying the selection process. The resistors on this board are grouped into three categories: 1)
In this presentation video we take a look at the superior pulse capability of the Power Metal Strip. We compare the pulse performance advantage of Power Metal Strip compared to other current sense technologies.
a LT spice Monte Carlo transient simulation of a full electronic thermostat (heating/cooling) based on Linear Technology LTC1040 and, as temperature sensor, a Vishay NTCLE203 NTC through hole thermistor (with temperature driven as a voltage)
LT Spice demonstration of a Thermoelectric Peltier element temperature control simulation with an analog PID using a NTCALUG03A ring tongue thermistor sensor, including fail safe function.
This video shows the results of a LTSPICE simulation of a LT3474 LED 1A current driver with Vishay NTC temperature control full modeling.
This video provides an overview of our Vishay Dale Surface Mount resistor products. We show a sample board which highlights our Vishay Dale Current Sense, Wirewound, and Surface Mount Thick Film capabilities.
An introduction to a Vishay brochure about shunt resistor solutions for brushless DC motors, automotive lithium-ion...
Vishay Resistors University
APEC 2016 - Focus Product Review - run time 02:31
PCAN Series Resistors Handle Up to 6 W of Power with Thin Film Precision
WSHM2818,7 W current sense resistor in 2818 case size with 2x power capability
Product Demonstration
Check out this product board video for a guided tour of the Vishay Dale Thin Film portfolio. A journey which takes us from x-ray machines to amplifiers demonstrating the diversity of thin film resistors. We cover resistor networks, medical, automotive and
Short video highlighting the fast reaction time of the NTCC200E4
This short video serves as a product introduction and short demonstration for the INCL Inclinometer which is a non-contacting position sensor. Based on the principle of MEMS, Inclinometers are safety components for diverse applications such as fork lift
This short video demonstrates the superiority of the Vishay Water Cooled Resistor (WCR) in the event of a water flow shut down.
This product training module introduces the Vishay Thermistor/Resistor Network Simulation Tool and explains the service and functionality contained within the computation tool.
A demonstration of the ultra flat potentiometer from Vishay Sfernice (MCB)
Super 12 for 2014 - WCR Watercooled Resistor
Take a tour of our production line for MEPIC Resistors, used for Automotive, Mining and Fireworks applications.
Thermal fuse tester, HCTF 235 Series - Demonstration
This demonstration evaluates the pulse capability of the Vishay resistor compared to the competition.
View this short video to discover the main advantages and applications for the TNPU e3 High-Precision Thin Film Resistor
A quick look at the features and applications of the MPM series resistor
Thin Film Automotive Grade Precision Chip ResistorResistor
An explanation of the program for quick delivery of limited volumes of resistors
This Vishay TechCast takes a look at the construction and the manufacturing process of the ACAS product, and explores the advantages and applications of the Thin FIlm Chip Resistor Arrays
This video demonstrates the pulse load capabilities of resistors, it shows the significant differences comparing the pulse handling capabilities of 4 different resistors
VIew this short video to discover the main advantages and applications for the ACAS AT Thin Film Chip Resistor Array
View this one-minute video to learn more about the NTC mini lug sensor.
A short demonstration to show the performance of Vishay’s small NTC mini lug sensors, which are designed for surface temperature measurement applications.
This new video shows the advantages obtained by the high-power capabilities of the LPS Resistor.
An instructional explanation of the Military Resistors 101 brochure
Vishay Electro-Films (Vishay EFI) offers a full range of wire bondable passive components.
LPS Series of Thick Film Power Resistors, one-minute overview
WSMS and WSBS High-Current Shunts, one-minute overview
Vishay’s new nichrome chip resistor coating withstands temperature, pressure and humidity.
The need for surface-mountable devices with better performance continues to grow. ...
A demonstration of the thermal EMF performance of Vishay Power Metal Strip® resistors
A technical comparison of different chip fuse technologies.
A demonstration of the power coefficient performance of Vishay ...
An introduction to a Vishay brochure with useful tips on resistors
Quick-Net® Service for fast prototype delivery of custom thin film networks, introduction
This short demonstration on using the e-Design tool will help designers to choose the best Vishay NTC thermistor for their applications.
Pulse Load SMD Film Resistors APEC 2012 Demo

Resistors VIDEOS

RAMK060 – Rotational Absolute Magnetic Kit 60 mm

This short animation provides an overview of the new RAMK060 and details some of the features, shows the dimensions of the product in detail and covers the recommended mechanical fixation method.