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PRODUCTS - Chip Resistors

Vishay EFI offers a variety of sizes and solutions for chip and wire assembly needs. Vishay single value wire bondable chip resistors are available on silicon, alumina, or quartz. Silicon substrates offer the highest power handling while quartz and alumina substrates have lower parasitic capacitance between the resistors and mounting board. Single value chip resistors are available with a back contact option, which reduces the number of wirebonds from two to one. Ranging in case sizes of 0201 to 1206, the resistor chips offer wirebondable terminations in Au or Al with options for backside metallization for various attachment methods.

Resistor material used is either Tantalum Nitride (TaN) or Nickel Chromium (NiCr), depending on the TCR, resistor value, stability and moisture resistance required. Vishay EFI wire bondable chip resistors are used in many different industries including military, aerospace, telecommunications, medical and industrial.

All Vishay standard products are 100% electrically tested and visually inspected. See Testing and Inspection.