Brands - Vishay Electro-Films
Custom Ceramic Solutions

Vishay EFI specializes in manufacturing Custom Ceramic Thin Film Solutions. Building to print from a pdf, dwg or dxf file, we offer a wide variety of interconnect solutions including submounts, filters, conductor patterns, resistor patterns, spacers, metallized plates and more.

Vishay EFI offers a wide variety of substrates, metal stacks and manufacturing capabilities addressing the most complicated designs and requirements. Available substrates include Alumina, AlN and BeO; as well as Silicon, Quartz, Ferrites, Titanates and Sapphire. Our Metallization options can include Titanium-Tungsten, Nickel, Gold, Aluminum, Chrome, Copper, with resistive layers of Tantalum Nitride or Nickel Chromium.

The manufacturing capabilities Vishay EFI offers include solid Au filled vias, plated through holes, thick Copper plating, sputtered 80/20 eutectic Au/Sn solder, custom CAD driven cutouts and special shapes and sidewall patterning technologies. These different manufacturing capabilities support different needs in the industry such as space saving, power handling, thermal management, top to bottom connections and more. Vishay offers details on how to develop a custom part with these Design Guidelines.

The advantages of using thin film technology include tighter lines and spaces, tight tolerances, reliability, high quality and specifications customized to meet customers' demanding requirements. Vishay EFI provides in-house testing for product qualification requirements.