Brands - Vishay Electro-Films
Custom Capabilities: Metallization Options

Vishay Electro-Films offers a variety of metal stack combinations to accommodate design requirements for different industries. Each metal deposited on the substrate serves a purpose or function. For the adhesion layer, Vishay typically uses Titanium Tungsten (TiW) or Chromium (Cr). For a Barrier layer EFI typically uses Palladium or Nickel depending on the temperature requirements.

For standard conductor patterns, Al or Au are used and for High Current conductor requirements either Gold or Copper can be used. Vishay also offers Silicon Nitride or Polyimide as Dielectric interlayers or overcoats. Metal Systems are generally chosen based upon electrical and/or thermal performance demands and assembly requirements.

For a list of EFI’s standard metal stacks with thickness capabilities, please see the SPF1 datasheet.