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Vishay Electro-Films offers Sample Kits to demonstrate some of our parts that benefit specific applications. There are five sample kits:

  1. Starter Sample Kit: The starter sample kit contains the three most popular wirebondable components, SFM, BCR and CTR. The SFM is a top contact wirebondable resistor, BCR is the back-contact resistor and CTR is a center-tapped resistor divider network. This kit enables the engineer to test different resistor options in their systems.
  2. RF Sample Kit: The RF Sample kit is the perfect combination of parts for an RF/High frequency application. This includes a variety of microwave resistors, along with a micro-strip transmission line, tapped microwave resistor and spiral inductor. Applications consist of 5G, wireless streams, and IoT.
  3. High Power Sample Kit: The High Power Sample Kit contains thin film wirebondable parts that support high power applications like automotive, industrial and military. Vishay EFI’s high power parts allow for better power handling in a smaller case size.
  4. IGBR Sample Kit: The IGBR Sample Kit contains the high power back contact resistors in four different case sizes. The IGBR series are useful in applications such as IGBT modules, LED lighting, alternative energy and amplifiers with increased power loads.
  5. Small Size Sample Kit: The small size kit contains a combination of the smallest parts we offer at Vishay Electro-Films. The small size parts are useful in applications where miniaturization and space saving is required. The thin film technology allows for better power handling and a wider value range in a smaller size than the thick film comparison. This kit is a combination of chip resistors, MNOS chip capacitors and spiral inductors.

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