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Vishay ESTA Power Capacitors
Large film capacitors for power electronic applications offering AC voltage to 24 kV, DC voltage to 125 kV and up to 15 kJ per unit
Portfolio Overview
  • Most products are custom / application-specific
  • Majority of products are resin-filled to provide "shock and vibration" performance
  • Some standardized units
Key Features and Benefits
  • Exact design requirements based on product design expertise and Vishay ESTA technology
  • Provide cost-effective solutions with quality and reliability (100 000 hours life)
  • Superior manufacturing controls provide more reliable designs
  • Material / manufacturing traceability
  • Capacitance up to 20 000 µF, voltages over 800 VDC, high RMS current, and long life
  • Special mechanical shapes and custom brackets for positioning security
  • Large devices (up to over 250 kg / 550 lbs)
  • Reliability
Market Position
  • Over 60 years experience, leading-edge design support
  • Market leader in traction (drives, industrial applications, trains and trams)
  • DC linking and DC filtering in converters for use in trains, trams, trolleys, tractors, and hybrid buses
  • DC linking and filtering in industrial drives, wind turbines, and solar energy applications
  • Impulse discharge applications such as welding and magnetizing
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