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Panel Potentiometers
PE30 / P13SM / P30L / PRV4 / PE30 / PRV6 / P16
Portfolio Overview
  • PE30 / PRV4 for heavy duty applications
  • P30L model dedicated to applications requiring long life cycles
  • P16 with integrated knob and switch (option)
  • PE60 for higher power dissipation: up to 6 W at 50 °C
  • PRV6 for applications requiring a smaller size product
  • P13SM if IP67 sealing is not enough: IP68
Key Features and Benefits
  • All models sealed at least to IP67
  • Life-span can be up to 2M cycles with model P30L
  • High power dissipation with model PE60
  • A different electrical laws (tapers) available
  • Custom harness and connector upon request
  • Various shafts (custom designed) for all models (except P16)
End Products
  • Off-road vehicles
  • Military equipment
  • Heavy industrial machines
  • Dashboard functions inside a harvester cabin
  • Remote control boxes for trucks
  • Depth control of a tool digging the ground (tractor)
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