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Solid SMD Tantalum Capacitors
High-capacitance, small size, and low-ESR devices providing the highest reliability for every application
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Portfolio Overview
  • Multiple product series optimized for a wide variety of applications
  • Highest reliability performance for every application environment
    • Commercial
    • Industrial
    • Down-hole drilling
    • Automotive
    • Military
    • Space
    • Medical implantables and life support
Key Features and Benefits
  • Excellent stability over the full voltage range (up to 75 V rated/40 V applied), temperature range (up to 200 °C operating temperature), and lifetime (no wear-out or end-of-life)
  • Reliability screening tailored to achieve the best price/performance for your application
  • Widest range of case sizes (EIA 1005 up to 7361) with product heights down to 0.4 mm
  • Industry certifications: EIA-717, MIL-PRF-55365, AEC-Q200
  • Multiple specialized product series ensures the right reliability and cost for your application
  • Maximum capacitance per device reduces component count
  • The right part with the right reliability performance and the right industry certification avoids future problems
Market Position
  • Industry leader in high-reliability, small size devices
  • Widest range of specialized products
  • Vishay is: Vishay Sprague, Vishay BCcomponents, Vishay Tansistor, Vishay Polytech
  • Decoupling and filtering
  • Bulk energy storage
  • DC/DC conversion and distribution
  • Power regulation
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