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Thin Film Resistors
High-performance thin film SMD resistors offer excellent reliability, long life, technical / electrical performance, and precision
Featured Products
P Series
Very High Temperature or High Reliability Thin Film Chip Resistor
PRA Series
High Temperature or High Reliability Thin Film Chip Resistor Array
Portfolio Overview
  • Tight tolerances down to ± 0.02 % and accurate temperature coefficients down to ± 2 ppm/K
  • Operating temperatures up to +250 °C
  • Automotive, aerospace and space-qualified products
  • Flame resistant UL 94 V-0 capability
  • Broad offering of case sizes, SMD chips, and SMD cylindrical shapes (MELF)
Key Features and Benefits
  • Large portfolio offers the "right" solutions for application requirements
  • Provide solutions for the specific requirements of long-life, high reliability, tight tolerance, high pulse, and high operating temperature, as well as tight tolerances and very low temperature coefficients
  • Tight tolerances and low temperature coefficients
  • High reliability, long life time, and high stability
  • Compliance with various automotive, military, and space standards
  • Operation under harsh environmental conditions, especially high temperatures
  • Precision with pulse load capability (MELF)
  • Harsh environmental conditions - moisture and sulfur resistant
  • Non-magnetic / non-inductive to provide signal conditioning without distortion from magnetic fields
Market Position
  • Largest supplier of resistor technologies and thin film resistors in the market
  • Leading source of high-performance thin film resistor solutions and custom solutions for automotive, avionics, space and other applications where high temperatures, harsh operating conditions, and high reliability are key factors
  • Established supplier with extensive history in design and production; leading global brands: Dale, VTF/EFI, Sfernice, Draloric, Beyschlag
  • The inventor of the MELF resistor
  • Industrial electronics like automation and controls, measurement equipment, drive controls, energy meters, and inverters for alternative energy systems
  • Automotive: safety-relevant applications such as ECU, ABS, DC/DC converters, etc.
  • Electronics in utility vehicles operating in harsh environments
  • Down-hole drilling and mining applications with high-temperature requirements
  • Military, avionics, and space applications with related MIL or ESA specifications
  • Medical grade applications for instrumentation and implantable devices
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