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Wet Tantalum Capacitors
High-reliability, high-temperature capacitors for bulk energy storage, filtering
(up to 125 V) and pulse energy
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Portfolio Overview
  • Largest selection of mechanical package styles and termination options
  • Widest range of electrical values
    • Up to +200 °C (preliminary to +230 °C), standard ranges of -55 °C to +125 °C
    • Voltages from 6 V up to 1000 V (for assemblies and arrays)
    • Capacitance for axials up to 10 000 µF (HE3 capacitor up to 72 000 µF)
Key Features and Benefits
  • Have the products the customer needs or the capability to develop and design it
  • Meet performance specifications in high-reliability / high-temperature applications
    • Wet tantalum capacitors work where solid tantalum and aluminum cannot function
  • High reliability and high temperature (aluminum and solid tantalum cannot meet the specifications)
  • Bulk storage energy at high temperatures (mining, drilling, industrial applications)
Market Position
  • Number 1 market share
  • The Vishay family (Sprague, Tansitor, Mallory, Philips, etc.) built the market
  • Over 50 years of design and manufacturing expertise (competitors are much more recent)
  • Aerospace
  • Oil exploration
  • Avionics

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