2009 Super 12
HVArc Guard® Surface-Mount MLCC Capacitors
SMD arc-over supression solution. Requires no conformal coating of the PCB.
ESD Diode
VBUS051BD-HD1: An LLP1006 package with side solderability to avoid the need for x-ray inspection.
SMPC-Packaged Rectifiers and
TVS Diodes
Low-profile, enhanced surface-mount packages for rectifiers and TVS. High power density with special wide bottom plate designs.
IHLP-2020 Surface-Mount Inductors
Miniature (5 mm x 5 mm) surface-mount inductor. High-current, high-inductance, low-profile device.
Thin Film Chip Resistors
TNPW 0603 e3 and MCT 0603 AT. High pulse load and long-term stability devices.
TrenchFET® Gen III Power MOSFETs
New breakthrough lowers RDS (on). Lowest max. on-resistance at VGS = 4.5 V for 30 V in SO-8 footprint.
Industry's smallest MOSFETs. Industry's lowest on-resistance for chipscale MOSFETs.
TMBS® Trench MOS Barrier Schottky Rectifiers
Industry's first commercial Trench MOS barrier Schottky. Reduced switching loss improves power efficiency.
600 V FRED Pt® Hyperfast Rectifiers
Higher system frequency efficiency, lower power loss,
high Tj.
2-Port High-Speed USB 2.0 Switch
Analog integrated circuit.
Ambient Light Sensor
TEMT6200FX01: The Industry's smallest light sensor - 0805 package. Controls LCD intensity with "human eye-like" response to light.