2010 Super 12
597D and T97
Tantalum Capacitors
Industry's First 75 V Rated Tantalum Capacitors
DrMOS 6x6 – SiC769
Industry-Best Power Density for Mainstream Multi-phase Vcore Applications
High Current Shunts
(Current Sense)
High Current Shunt for Power Meter and Battery Management Applications
eSMP® Ultra-Low-VF SMD Schottky Barrier Rectifiers
Ultra-Low 0.35 V (VF),
High-Current-Density 1 A
Devices in eSMP package
IHLP-6767 Power Inductors
Increased Current Rating, Excellent Saturation and Stability
Super Junction FET Gen 9 Power MOSFETs
22 A, 600 V MOSFETs with Super Junction Technology for Improved RDS(on) x Qg Figure of Merit (FOM)
MKP1848 DC-link
Film Capacitors
Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors for Power Electronics
High-Performance Gen 5.0 Schottky Diodes,
20 A
Industry's First 40 V Diode in DPAK with Current to 20 A
LPS Series Resistors
Up to 800 W in Small-Size, Low-Weight Package
IGBT and MOSFET Drivers, VO3120 and VO3150A
2.5 A and 0.5 A IGBT / MOSFET Drivers Widest Supply Voltage Range with High Operating Temperature
Non-Magnetic MLCCs
Surface-Mount Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors for Non-Magnetic Applications
TrenchFET® Gen III P-Channel MOSFETs
Industry's Lowest On-Resistance