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Lowest Low-Side On-Resistance at VGS = 4.5 V Among Devices with Compatible Footprints
  • 5 % efficiency improvement from previous generation
    • TrenchFET® Gen IV technology reduces RDS(on) of low-side MOSFET by 60 % from previous generation
    • Reduces conduction and switching losses, increases power density
    • Immediate performance upgrade without changing PCB
    • MOSFETs run potentially 30 % cooler
  • Enables best overall efficiency for applications up to 10 A
    • Improves light load and low current load efficiency
    • Optimized for duty cycles below 30 %
    • Preserves battery life of mobile devices, as they operate a light load a high percentage of the time
  • Reduces PCB area required for MOSFETs
    • For 10 A to 15 A sockets, the compact 3 mm x 3 mm outline reduces PCB area by as much as 77 % compared to discretes
    • Reduces the number of devices in parallel
    • High efficiency at high switching frequencies enables smaller inductors and capacitors
Applications / Market Segments
  • Power stages for synchronous buck converters operating with 5 V to 19 V input, under a wide range of duty cycles and switching frequency beyond 450 kHz
    • NVDC (narrow voltage DC) charging
    • Reference designs
    • Graphic cards
    • POL for DC/DC modules
    • Telecom embedded DC/DC
    • Server / computer system power
    • DC/DC for FPGA and automation
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