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SiHP33N60EF / EF Series
HV Fast Body Diode Power MOSFET Offers up to 10x Reduction in Qrr
  • Based on E Series Super Junction technology
  • Fast body diode provides as much as 10x reduction in Qrr over the standard E Series MOSFET for lifetime control
  • Designed and developed for soft switching topologies along with similar standard E Series on-resistance values
    • Scales of economy can be achieved within a system using EF series throughout the design (in place of standard E Series MOSFETs with similar on resistance) in the hard switched topology
  • 600 V, 33 A maximum, RDS(on) max. of 98 mΩ
  • 28 A maximum, RDS(on) max. of 123 mΩ option also available (SiHx28N60EF)
  • Package options including TO-220, TO-263 (D2PAK), and TO-247AC
Applications / Market Segments
  • Hard and soft switching (focus) topologies
    • Zero voltage switching (ZVS) and LLC converters
  • Applications
    • Renewable energy: PV inverters
    • Industrial: battery chargers
    • Telecom: servers
    • Computing: ATX / silver box SMPS
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