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Widebody High-Isolation and High-Creepage at > 10 mm IGBT and MOSFET Driver
  • 1414 V working voltage with 2.5 A peak output current enables direct driving of high power IGBTs up to 1200 V / 100 A
  • 8000 V transient voltage and superior common mode rejection (CMR) up to 50 000 V/µs for improved noise isolation
  • Integrated undervoltage lock-out function protects IGBTs in case of supply
    voltage failure
  • Wide operating supply voltage range up to 32 V saves voltage regulator
  • 1:1 replacement and industry standard second source
Applications / Market Segments
  • Industrial:
    • 1 to 3 phase inverters
    • Fixed and variable frequency industrial motor drives
    • Inverter stage in welding equipment
  • Alternative energy: voltage converter stage in commercial and residential solar inverters
  • Automotive: inverter stage in EV and plug-in HEV chargers
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