Vishay » 2012 Super 12 Featured Products
2011 Version 3.0

Enhanced power-handling and environmental performance

Power Metal Strip® Resistors – WSLP, WSLT, WSLS, WSH

Accurate surface temperature sensing in the smallest lug type available

NTC Mini Lug Sensor

Industry lowest on-resistance and FOM for 60 V in PowerPAK® SO-8 type package

SiR662DP 60 V Power MOSFET

12 V V+, 1.8 V logic, ultra-low current consumption, fast switching speed, in mQFN-16

DG9454 Triple SPDT (2:1 Multiplexer)

Highest combination of temperature range and current rating of any surface-mount power inductor on the market

IHLP®-6767GZ-51 Power Inductor

Automotive grade Tantamount® high performance solid tantalum capacitor

TP3 Molded Case SMD Capacitor

45 V TMBS® in low-profile SMPC, P600 axial, and
power packages

45 V Trench MOS Barrier Schottky Rectifier

Optimized for low conduction losses, low switching losses, or both

600 V FRED Pt® Ultrafast Diode

Precision matched resistors in one package for voltage dividers and feedback circuits

ACAS AT Thin Film Chip Resistor Array

High temperature (up to +125 °C), low impedance
(down to 35 mΩ), AEC-Q200 qualified

146 CTI SMD Chip Polarized Aluminum Capacitor

Fully integrated sensor including infrared emitter, ambient light sensor, proximity photo-diode and
signal processing

VCNL4000 Proximity / Ambient Light Sensor

Saves space while increasing performance

PowerPAIR® 6 x 3.7 SiZ730DT Asymmetric Dual Power MOSFETs