2011 Super 12  »   VCNL4000 Proximity / Ambient Light Sensor
2011 Version 3.0
VCNL4000 Proximity / Ambient Light Sensor
Fully integrated sensor including infrared emitter, ambient light sensor, proximity photo-diode and signal processing

The VCNL4000 is a fully integrated proximity and ambient light sensor. "Fully integrated" means the sensor not only includes a PIN photodiode for proximity, an ambient light sensor, and signal processing IC, it also includes an infrared emitter. Having all the components in one package greatly simplifies the design process.

  • No mechanical barriers required; no crosstalk concerns
  • Proximity range up to 20 cm (7.9 in)
  • Programmable LED drive current: 10 mA to 200 mA in 10 mA steps
  • Programmable measurement rate from 1 Hz to 250 Hz
  • 16 bit resolution with I2C interface
  • Ambient light sensing from 0 klx to 13 klx with 0.33 lx resolution
  • Determine presence of an object to turn on / off display
  • Measure ambient light to optimize display brightness
  • Smart phones, digital cameras, tablet PCs, LCD displays, event-driven industrial controls
More Information:

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VCNL4000 Demo Kit
Sensor board, USB stick, and software for testing application parameters.

The VCNL4000 Demo Kit allows potential customers to put the sensor through its paces. It includes a proximity function interface and an ambient light function interface. Key variables can be adjusted to match application parameters. The sensor board plugs into a USB stick for quick and easy use. Click on the video links below to see how the kit can give you a jump on development.

More Information:

 -  VCNL4000 Demo Kit App Note
 - Proximity Tutorial Video
 - Ambient Light Tutorial Video