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Selected Featured Components for Power Management
TrenchFET Gen IV
Next Generation TrenchFET® Technology Lowers On-Resistance Down to 0.00135 Ω at VGS = 4.5 V
  • TrenchFET Gen IV optimizes several key specifications:
    • Max RDS(on) down to 0.00135 Ω at VGS = 4.5 V, down to
      0.001 Ω at VGS = 10 V
    • Very low QGD and exceptionally low QGD / QGS ratio: < 0.5
      • QGD / QGS ratio down to 0.3
    • Improved immunity to CdV/dt gate coupling
  • 30 V to 60 V
  • Package options include:
    • Thermally advanced PowerPAK® SO-8
    • Thermally advanced PowerPAK 1212-8, about 1/3 the footprint
      area of SO-8

E and EF Series High Voltage
500, 600 and 650 V High Performance Super Junction MOSFETs
  • 30 % reduction in conduction losses
  • Increased power density and higher efficiencies
  • On-resistance down to 39 mΩ
  • Available in all standard TO packages

Medium Voltage/ThunderFET®
High-Performance 40 V to 150 V Power MOSFETs
  • Next-generation technology provides very low on-resistance and ultra-low figure of merit (FOM) for 40 V to 150 V power MOSFETs
  • Include industry's lowest on-resistance and FOM for 4.5 V rated devices
  • Thermally advanced PowerPAK® packaging:
    outlines from PowerPAK SO-8 down to 1.6 mm x 1.6 mm

P-Channel Gen III
Breakthrough P-Channel Technology Dramatically Cuts RDS(on)
  • Lowest on-resistance per area achieved for a p-channel provides on-resistance down to half of previous industry best
    • Down to sub 2 mΩ in SO-8 footprint area
    • Variety of package sizes, from PowerPAK® SO-8 down to 1.6 mm x 1.6 mm PowerPAK SC-75 and 0.8 mm x 0.8 mm chipscale MICRO FOOT®
    • Low conduction losses save power in battery operated systems

SQ Rugged Series
Dedicated Automotive Process Reduces Defects
  • Process design optimized for automotive excellence
  • AEC-Q101 qualified; temperature ranges up to 175 °C
  • Low on-resistance n- and p-channel Trench technologies
  • Includes innovative space-saving package options

Co-packaged MOSFETs reduce space while still obtaining low on-resistance and high current comparable to two discretes
  • High- and low-side MOSFETs in one compact package
    • On-resistance down to 1.3 mΩ
    • Maximum current up to 40 A
  • Three size choices
    • 3 mm x 3 mm
    • 6 mm x 3.7 mm
    • 6 mm x 5 mm
  • Lowers solution space and cost over two discrete MOSFETs, saving clearance and labeling space between them
  • Simplifies layout
  • Reduces parasitic inductance from PCB traces, increasing efficiency and reducing ringing

Integrated MOSFET and Schottky Diode Solution Increases Efficiency
  • Both components on one monolithic chip reduces on-resistance
  • Reduces body diode power losses
  • Eliminates external Schottky diode for space and solution cost savings
  • Ideal low-side switch for synchronous rectification

PolarPAK® Brings Standard Packaging to Double-Sided Cooling
  • Dual heat dissipation paths double current density (> 60 A)
  • Standard packaging provides better die protection, reliability and easier manufacturing handling
  • 20 V to 200 V devices
  • Fixed footprint and pad layout across family, ≤ 100 V and ≥ 150 V
  • Licensed by multiple sources

PowerPAK® ChipFET®
Replaces TSOP-6 and SO-8 MOSFETs for lower thermal resistance and smaller footprints
  • Compact 3 mm by 1.8 mm footprint
  • 3 W maximum power dissipation
  • Single, dual, co-packaged n- and p-channel and MOSFET + Schottky versions
  • Breakdown voltage ratings from 8 V to 20 V for p-channel and 20 V to 60 V for n-channel

OR-ing Power MOSFETs
OR-ing Power MOSFETs
  • 20 V VDS / 20 V VGS
  • Industry-lowest on-resistance in three SO-8 footprint package options
    • Up to 36 % lower on-resistance for 20 V in SO-8 footprint area
    • 1.6 mΩ for double-sided cooling in air-flow applications
    • 2.4 mΩ for optimum heat dissipation in still air
    • 2.8 mΩ in standard SO-8 package

1.2 V Rated MOSFETs
Industry-First MOSFETs with On-Resistance Rated at VGS = 1.2 V
  • Optimized for use with the low-voltage core ICs
  • Allow the driver voltage to turn on the switch from a lower output voltage than 1.8 V
  • Help reduce power consumption and increase battery usage time
  • Single n- and p-channel device options
  • Footprints as small as 0.8 mm x 0.8 mm

1.2 V Rated MOSFETs
2 mm x 2 mm Footprint Area is 50 % that of the TSOP-6
  • Comparable on-resistance: N-channel down to 9.4 mΩ, P-channel down to 13 mΩ
  • Slim 0.6 mm profile is 40 % smaller than TSOP-6
  • 75 % higher maximum power dissipation
  • Includes devices with on-resistance ratings down to 1.2 V

PowerPAK® SC-75
Ultra-Low On-Resistance and Size
  • PowerPAK SC-75 provides same 1.6 mm x 1.6 mm footprint as standard SC-75, but much lower on-resistance
    • N-channel RDS(on) as low as 19 mΩ
    • P-channel RDS(on) as low as 25.5 mΩ
  • Ultra-thin profile, down to 0.6 mm
  • Single and dual n- and p-channel versions available, including devices with on-resistance ratings down to 1.2 V
  • Gives designers ultra-low on-resistance and ultra-small size in one device for saving power in space-constrained handheld applications

Industry's Smallest MOSFETs, Lowest On-Resistance for Chipscale Packaging
  • Footprints of 1.5 mm x 1 mm, 1.2 mm x 1 mm , 1 mm x 1 mm, and 0.8 mm x 0.8 mm
  • Smallest height of 0.4 mm
  • Low on-resistance for form factor
  • Help reduce power consumption and increase battery usage time