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Power MOSFET TrenchFET® and E Series

Vishay Siliconix leads the industry in the development of power semiconductor products that improve the efficiency of power management circuitry in end products while reducing space requirements.

Advantages Benefits
"One stop shop" - broad product selection The combined TrenchFET and E Series families cover the complete spectrum of Power MOSFET requirements. With an expansive range of N and P channel silicon technologies coupled with advanced packaging solutions, virtually all power conversion applications can be realized with the Vishay product lineup.
Optimized technology at each voltage category A high degree of process optimization is applied to each MOSFET platform in order to meet the performance requirements of the latest hi-tech equipment in terms of efficiency, power density and cost. With our deep understanding of the key power conversion topologies we are able to tune the key parameters at each Volatge grade, inlcuding Rds(on), Gate Charge and Body Diode recovery.
TrenchFET and E Series Brands The TrenchFET brand for power MOSFETs is synonymous with proven high performance and reliability. Now in its 4th generation it is still offering technology leadership. E Series Superjunction MOSFETs are growing in popularity and with the latest low figure of merit products offer many advantages in high voltage power conversion.

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