Initiator Resistor with Predictable, Reproducible and Reliable Behavior Meets USCAR and AKLV16
  • Industry-first Massive Electro-Pyrotechnic Initiator Chip resistor
  • SMD (0805)
  • Ohmic value : 1 Ω to 8 Ω
  • Firing energy down to 1.5 mJ
  • Firing time down to 250 µs
  • Joule effect ignition
  • No fire, all fire, ESD, withstands USCAR and AKLV16 standards
  • Very predictable, reproducible, and reliable behavior
  • Can be adapted for use with various pyrotechnic materials
Applications / Market Segments
  • Mining electronic detonators (digital blasting)
  • Fireworks, electric matches
  • Civil detonators for precision blasting
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