SiHG70N60EF product information

EF Series Power MOSFET with Fast Body Diode

 SiHG70N60EF Datasheet


  • Fast body diode MOSFET using E series technology
  • Reduced trr, Qrr, and IRRM
  • Low figure-of-merit (FOM): Ron x Qg

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General Information
General Information - Useful Web Links
Package Drawings
Package Information - TO-247AC (High Voltage)
RC Thermal Models
SiHG70N60EF_RC - R-C Thermal Model Parameters
Reliability Data
Package Reliability - Environmental and Package Testing Data for TO-247AC
Silicon Technology Reliability - N-Channel Accelerated Operating Life Test Result
SPICE Models (*.pdf)
SiHG70N60EF-DS - DS-SPICE Model for SiHG70N60EF
SPICE Models (*.zip)
SiHG70N60EF-zip - SPICE Models for SiHG70N60EF
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