Power ICs - microBUCK® - Voltage Regulator

microBUCK® integrated voltage regulators (buck regulators) leverage Vishay's unique combination of discrete MOSFET design, IC expertise, and packaging capability to provide cost-effective, high-performance integrated solutions that deliver a significant reduction in board space requirements. This benefits the designer by giving more space for critical system functionality. Typical applications include notebook, desktop, and server computers, digital HDTV, digital consumer applications, printers, DSL, and STB applications, embedded applications and point of load power supplies.

Vishay PowerCAD Tutorial – How to use the DC/DC Buck Converter Simulation Tool
The Vishay PowerCAD online simulator tool helps designers accelerate the design of circuits using microBUCK DC/DC buck converters and microBRICK modules. PowerCAD capabilities include online schematics, built-in analysis tools, and BOM reports.