F1772S X2 product information

Interference Suppression Film Capacitor - Class X2 Radial MKT - 310 VAC - Series Impedance - 85 C / 85 % RH

 F1772S X2 Datasheet


  • Stable capacitance in severe ambient conditions 85 C; 85 % RH, 240 VAC, 1000 h
  • 15 mm to 27.5 mm lead pitch

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Application Notes
Application Note - AC Film Capacitors in Connection with the Mains
Application Note - Soldering Guidelines for Film Capacitors
Approval Documents
CB Test Certificate - F1772, F1772S
ENEC Certificate - 1772, 1772S
General Information
RFI Cap Intro - Radio Interference Suppression Capacitors Introduction
Published Articles
Technical Paper - Applications and Technical Consideration for Metallized Film Capacitors - Passive Component Industry, Oct 2004
Support Tools
Checklist - 12 Things to Know About Safety Capacitors
Infographic - RFI Capacitors Solutions - MLCC, SLC and Film Capacitors - In a Nutshell
Infographic - RFI 电容器解决方案 膜电容器和陶瓷电容器 - 快速了解
Infographic - RFIコンデンサソリューション フィルムとセラミック - In a Nutshell
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