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TrenchFET MOSFET, in PowerPAK® SO-8L package, handles over-voltage events
MOSFET technologies for power conversion
Comparison between PowerPAIR® Gen IV against two PowerPAK® Gen IV products
Demonstration on Vishay's E Series 600 V and 650 V High Voltage E Series MOSFETs against competing products
PowerPAIR® 6 x 3.7 is the industry's first dual TrenchFET asymmetric power MOSFET...
E Series 600 V and 650 V High-Performance MOSFETs
E Series superjunction technology for hard-switched topologies
Max RDS(on) of 4 mΩ Provides Higher Efficiency
On-resistance at VGS = −10 V: 0.0016 Ω (max.)
Dual N-Channel 30 V (D-S) MOSFETs.
High-Voltage MOSFETs with Low Conduction and Switching Losses.
A one minute overview covering the key features and applications for this 600 V MOSFET
TrenchFET Gen III P-Channel MOSFETs, one minute overview.
One minute video on E Series High-Voltage MOSFETs


Super 12 for 2015: SiHP33N60EF HV Fast Body Diode Power MOSFET

Offers up to 10x Reduction in Qrr